Documentales chemtrails

Documental grec

Chemtrails: clouds of death

Impactante video despertador que todo el mundo debería ver

La verdad sobre los chemtrails by DETECTIVE FOX


Chemtrails sobre Castilla
Interesantes reflexiones del webmaster de la gran web Mundo desconocido.

Chemtrails History Channel

Evidencia chemtrail

Libro sobre Chemtrails


2 Respostes

  1. Yeah, chemtrails are real. It’s part of the depopulation plan.

    • yeah chemtrails are real, only a blind can’t see them.
      I believe that chemtrails belong to a weather modifiying program, creating a false chemical warming on earth.
      I also believe they spray virus, bacteria and other diseases in order to sell more fucking vaccines and more fucking chemical drugs.
      I don’t believe in a depopulation plan.

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